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Cockos Incorporated was founded in 2004, beginning an effort to build quality software that would benefit people throughout the world.

Our goal is to develop software sustainably while preventing profit rationale from forcing engineering compromises. By doing so, we can keep our product visions intact, giving maximum benefit to our users.

We lovingly craft the software that we want to use.

Audio and Music Software

REAPER - an advanced multi-track audio, MIDI and video production and recording environment for Windows and OS X

ReaPlugs - free Windows VST plug-ins (a small subset of what comes with REAPER)

OSCII-bot - a live programmable environment for [MIDI|OSC]<-->[MIDI|OSC] conversion on Windows and OS X

NINJAM - a unique way for musicians to collaborate over the Internet in near real time (Windows, Linux and OS X)

JSFX - live programmable low latency embeddable FX processing for guitar, bass and vocals. (Windows, Linux, and OS X)

Image and File Tools

LICEcap - a tool for creating animated screen captures (Windows and OS X)

SnapEase - a tool for bulk tweaking and processing of images (Windows and OS X)

PathSync - an interactive directory comparison and synchronization tool (Windows only)

Developer Tools

WDL - a modest C++ library for gentlepersons. Most of our applications are built using WDL.

Deprecated Projects

LanMon an active local network segment monitor (Windows)
TunnelVision a personal screen privacy tool (Windows)
asniffer an HTTP traffic sniffer/logger/harvester (Windows and Linux)
hl-- a stripped down, hacked up minimalist blog script

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For OEM distribution of REAPER, see the REAPER Distribution Agreement.

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